20th AAMF & Film Showcase

“Caught in the Shadows” will debut this weekend!  It will be screening at the 20th Annual African-American Film Marketplace and S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase.  If you cannot make it on Saturday December 14th, an encore performance is scheduled on Sunday December 15th.

Our film is scheduled to screen in the 3:00-5:30pm block on Saturday and in the 12:30-3:30pm block on Sunday. Tickets are $15.00 and can be purchased here or at the door.  If you purchase tickets online, you can either buy for our block or even stay around for the entire day and enjoy more great films.  The Showcase will be held at Raleigh Studio located at 530 Melrose Avenue (across from the Paramount Studios).

This event is being sponsored by Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center, a nonprofit, public benefit organization, that is designed to advocate, educate, research, develop and preserve the hisotry and the future, of blacks in film and television industries.  It’s a pretty good resource and has great film festivals and screenings.  This year they will be honoring the Black Stuntmen Association!

We hope to see you out there!


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