Film Festivals- The Truth Lies

Our 2nd short film, “The Truth Lies” has officially started the festival circuit.  This weekend we will be screening at an event called Indie Night in Hollywood, CA.  This night will feature several short films from various filmmakers.  We are not only excited about this screening because it is our debut, we are excited because the event is at the historic Chinese Theater in Hollywood.  If you plan to join us for the screening this Saturday from 4-8pm be sure to email to get on our guest list.

We also got the great news that “Truth Lies” has been picked as an official selection for the Film Dayton Film Festival.  The film festival will be the weekend of August 22-24th in Dayton, Ohio.  Being a part of this festival is an honor especially because Dion is from Dayton.  He gets to share his talent with his hometown.
Truth Lies Screening Annoucement


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