It’s Coming Together

For our supporters who are curious with our book “Voyage of Truth” here are some updates! Be sure to like our Facebook page as well!

Beta Readers…people you pay to be brutally honest about your manuscript.  Fortunately this process was not too painful. We have been told that we have a great story and great dialog…and in my opinion that is all you need.  However it was suggested that we do a bit of tightening up.  You know what that means…DRAFT 18.

Of course we know to sift through the notes and take the good and toss out the bad.  We are confident that we will be putting out a strong first book by time it is all said and done.  We also know that our book is coming out sooner or later…hopefully sooner.

In other news, we have another draft for our book cover!


DOPENESS! Further confirmation that its happening! We are pleased with our cover illustrator, Sasha Fowler.

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