Help Us Help You Build Your Acting Reel

While it has seemingly been quiet on the LackToast front we’ve actually been quite busy! We’ve launched our official wedding service, Forever by LTE, been traveling the film  circuit with our short “The Truth Lies” and been steadily chiseling away at “Voyage of Truth“.  Recently we’ve decided to build up our promo and commercial reel.

There are a lot of small companies looking for ways to advertise their business and are willing to be our testers as we try our new and innovative promos.  Now all we need are some actors looking to build your reel with on camera hosting experience.

As we build our promo and advertising reel, we would like to help build yours.   If you are interested in doing work for actual small businesses and have rhythm or musical talents (you can rap at least one song) or always wanted to be in one of our Lyrical Flash Mobs please forward your headshot and resume to us at

There is no compensation but you will be provided copy. You must live in Los Angeles

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