New Full Service Production Services

After two years of creating videos for several (try 175 clients) we decided that it was time to officially announce our services to the world. LackToast Entertainment now offers full video production services.  You may be asking “so what does that mean?”  That’s a fair question.  Full video production services is a mouthful of words that basically means that we can write, produce, shoot, and edit a professional video for you.

You know be saying “That’s cool but why would I need a video?” If you are a small business a video can be of use for many reasons. You may need a creative way to describe your services to your online audience, or a professional presentation at an exhibit, or maybe you’d like efficient, effective way to communicate with potential clients.  A high quality video (4K/ultra HD equipment) can be just the thing to help boost your sales.

4K and Ultra HD

Contact us at if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation. Be sure to look through our portfolio page to see our offerings.  We also have create reels for actors and offer video production services for weddings.



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