Movie Poster

As post-production winds down…its time to think about marketing our short film “With & Without You”.  The truth is that we should have been thinking about marketing from the development phase but we are only a two-person team.  We recently started with the design of our movie poster.

Now in the past, we would have designed our own movie poster (and you can tell), but way too many people invested in our short film.  We want every aspect of the execution of the film to meet our supporters expectations.  We have learned over the years that we cannot be experts at everything. You have to pay a colorist, sound designer or a graphic artist to take your project to the next level, even if that means you have to slow down your timeline so you can raise more money.

For our poster, we knew just who to reach out to.  Gray Segments are marketing/brand experts who knew exactly what we needed. We are in love with the final product. It turned out better than anything we could have designed ourselves.

What do you think?





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