Caught in the Shadows

Caught in the Shadows is a psychological thriller centering around the life of Roni, who seems to be living an ordinary life but it is shortly revealed that Roni is followed by a ghost everywhere she goes. The more she tries to ignore it, the more intense these shadows from her past become. Roni soon realizes the only way escape this haunting is to face it.

Stars: Danette Wilson

Danette HS

As an actor, a natural ability to interpret material and make each character her own is not enough. Being a true team player and lover of filmmaking, Danette Wilson has found that there are also many opportunities for someone highly organized, motivated with great people skills behind the camera also. In addition to having a featured role in the film, Exit Strategy, she was also the Assistant Producer for the hilarious romantic comedy, featuring Kevin Hart that opened in theaters around the country. Her experience in filmmaking has further been honed by contributing to several other features, shorts and music videos as Production Manager. Her overall goal is to be a vessel for creative expression through acting, producing and writing. She strongly believes that storytelling plays an essential part in uniting us as people. Everyone has a story to tell and everyone’s story deserves to be told.

Written and Produced by: Twilla Tanyi

Creative Logistics Specialist, Go Getter

Twilla, mostly known as LackToast’s powerhouse producer, returns to one of her first loves…writing. In addition to producing “Shadows”, Twilla is also the creator and writer.  Her  writing portfolio includes stage play, television and screenplays.  Twilla has received several accolades as a writer, most notably as a ABC-Disney Scriptwriting Finalist.

Directed by: Dion Lack

Creative Conceptualist and Comedic Innovator

“There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.” Dion Lack is often noted for his comedic take on life but it is his keen observations and unique perspective that makes him a talented director.  Dion’s skills as an actor, writer and editor all shape his ability to connect to any story and to bring the vision to life.

Director of Photograpy: Rich Bella

Rich Bella aka “Mr. Focus” is a passionate cinematographer that has a “raw and real” feel to his style of shooting Rich Bella Photowhile maintaining the gloss Hollywood appeal in every frame.  His shot style has you feeling the emotion through the lens and how it is interpreted by the mood of the story.  Mr. Focus started his journey in film in 2008 by putting over 10,000 hours into practice in less than 2 years, he was able to make a professional living doing what he was excited about by 2011.  With immense focus on his craft Rich has progressed as an up and coming Director of Photography since his humble beginnings.  Rich Bella has freelanced for CBS and has had opportunities to shoot “The Game”, Estelle, Whitney Houston, Tony Rock, Jesse Campbell and much more.  In January of 2012, he DP’d his first short film that had an honorable mention at an international film festival.  Currently, Rich has DP’d 2 more short films and has begun production to a feature, and is DP’ing a music video with Director Michael DeLorenzo.  Rich Bella is excited to be shooting “Shadows”, his first thriller.  Be on the look out for the promising DP who’s FOCUS is beyond the lens.

Note from LackToast:

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